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Which coins next?


Which coins do you want to see cards made for?


  1. Cryptoimperator
  2. lealana
  3. casascius


I can do Crypto imperator copper and silver as well as Lealana silver 0.1 easily.

Casascius is a bit harder because I don’t have any loaded ones to photograph, but I can definitely do generics for these.

The only problem I have with making cards for coins I don’t physically have is that I can’t be 100% sure of the coin capsule sizes. For example the BTCC Chips are supposed to be 39mm, but they are slightly bigger so they don’t actually fit properly in the Lighthouse 39mm capsules, so I use 46mm with a foam insert. I would have to get someone who has the coin to test which capsule size I would need to use.