Thoughts on trust system?

Hi Hox

First off, I really like the concept of having a different forum for collectibles… cool idea :+1:

But I feel like if you we’re going to have a community for selling collectibles, there will eventually need to be some sort of trust system where people rate after purchases, etc. I just felt like it would be important to discuss how the system would work when that time eventually comes about if there were more people to come over from bitcointalk.



Yes trust is a huge issue.

The shop has a built in rating system, but it has a few quirks that I think need to be ironed out to really suit this community.

One other thing I would like to do is have users be able to verify their accounts on bitcointalk, so we can refer to that existing trust system.

There are also sites like that we might be able to intergrate.

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I have a feeling it might take some time to get users in here whom aren’t already active via Btalk…however it will be great when that time comes!

Please add other pay system like paypal or credit card so that so many people can buy items like I have been trying.