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The 2019 Bitcoin Penny™ Copper Collection


Introducing the NEW 2019 Bitcoin Penny™ Copper Collection!


The Bitcoin Penny Company is proud to present the NEW 2019 Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins available in TWO (2) collectible variations!

The first collectible variation is our standard mint coin, aka the AMD coin. On the front, you’ll see our iconic trademarks “In Code We Trust” and “E-Currency Unum” along with our stylized bitcoin (BTC) logo. You’ll also see the initials “AMD” minted below the year. On the back, below our website address, is a brand new design illustrating bitcoin’s inevitable future on the MOON! And at the bottom are the words, “Minted in USA.” Our new 2018 standard mint coin has a mintage of 3,400+ coins.

The second collectible variation is our special mint coin, aka the SN or Satoshi Nakamoto coin. Artistically, this coin differs in two (2) ways — the initials “SN” below the date (instead of “AMD”) and the signature script “S. Nakamoto” on the back (instead of “Minted in USA”). However, the most important difference for serious cryptocoin collectors is the rarity of the mintage. Our special mint SN coins have VERY LIMITED CIRCULATION and will be made available within select Bitcoin Penny™ products ONLY. (Please see our product list below.) This is a fun little homage to the classic hobby of coin roll hunting, and we hope you enjoy discovering these tiny treasures inside each of our Bitcoin Penny™ Classic Rolls and Short Rolls!

In addition to our famous Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins, we also offer our Bitcoin Penny™ Mini Physicals! Our Mini Physicals are small DIY physical bitcoins that you can load with actual, spendable bitcoin and redeem them whenever you like! The front side features our current standard mint “AMD” design, while the reverse side is left blank (with raised edge) to safely secure your private key using our holographic security stickers. The size is the same as all Bitcoin Penny™ Commemorative Coins (.900" diameter), and the material is the same high quality copper. In fact, everything about this DIY coin is the same as our 2019 standard mint “AMD” coin, except for the blank reverse side and holographic security stickers.

As always, our coins are minted in the USA out of high grade copper for a quality coin that gives a perfect R-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-N-G when you flip it!


“AMD” are the initials belonging to the late, beloved mother of BitcoinTalk forum member, Ticked. Born today on March 30, 1959, AMD was a pioneering pharmaceutical research scientist, whose career culminated in the creation of a life-saving mechanism during serious traumatic injury and two widely used medicines, one of which is still used frequently during OB labor deliveries. With the creation of this important drug, AMD has quite literally aided in bringing countless healthy lives into this world. AMD is survived by her sister / best friend, husband, and two very proud children. Long live AMD. Happy birthday. !

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