Stack's Bowers Auction

The premier auction house Stack’s Bowers has several cryptocurrency coins up for auction today. This is their second auction to feature crypto coins. The last auction results can be viewed here: The June 2022 Auction - Session 2 - U.S. Coins Part 2 - Lots 2001-2328 | Stacks Bowers

The current coins can be seen here: The Summer 2022 Global Showcase Auction - Session 8 - Rarities Night Featuring Selections from the Augustana & Mocatta Collections - Lots 7001-7310 | Stacks Bowers

The auction is currently being live streamed here: Stack’s Bowers Galleries Summer 2022 Global Showcase Auction - Sessions 6 to 8 - Rarities Night - YouTube

Stacks Bowers has announced the next lot of cryptocurrency coins. You can view them here: The Winter 2022 Auction - Session 11 - Cryptocurrency Anniversary - Lots 10001-10104 | Stacks Bowers

The latest auction was interesting. Prices seem to be closer to other markets (E.g Bitcointalk/eBay) compared to the previous auctions where there was a significant premium.

The redeemed Crypto Imperators were the biggest surprise for me, with some selling for $40USD. All the redeemed coins went for pretty fair prices in my opinion.

The livestream is available here: Stack’s Bowers Galleries Winter 2022 Auction - Session 11 - Cryptocurrency - Lots 10001-10104 - YouTube