Polymerbit have successfully completed a secret project which began earlier this summer.

What is it?

The 5th series 1000 Swiss Franc note was produced between 1956 to 1978 and was one of the most valuable notes on earth. In 2000, its value was nullified by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). A bank in a country renowned for being historically one of the most stable.

This banknote is famous for its striking imagery of La Danse macabre(i.e. the dance of death). Originally, its design suggested a universal and inevitable part of life- all things must end.

This note has been amended to change the meaning of its image. It attempts to highlight the fragility of centralised fiat based currency and instead suggests the usage of crypto currency to mitigate against such devaluations.

Is the note genuine?

Yes. Original notes from the 1960’s and 1970’s were sourced in Switzerland and prepared for printing on. The original underlying design was created by Pierre Gauchat and printed by De La Rue in London, England.

How many exist?

10 official notes, with one error. Serial numbers range from A01 to A10.

9 of 10 notes have been already sold to private buyers from bitcointalk to finance this precarious project.

A01 will be listed at auction.

Are the official notes slabbed?

Yes, all notes have been slabbed. We’d like to thank Owlcatz for aiding us in not only sourcing but designing the slabs.


1000 Swiss Franc 5th Series

125x228 mm

Devalued on 1 May 2000

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