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Notable eBay Sales


Post any notable ebay auctions in this thread.


The Topps Allen & Ginter Cryptocurrency cards have been very popular on ebay. The 1/1 Blank back card sold for nearly $2,500 USD. Here’s some of the most interesting recent sales:


Another interesting sale from the Allen & Ginter madness, $500 USD for the #37 poster:


Casascius 2011 1BTC redeemed: $470 USD BIN


MS68 Titan BTC 0.1 sold for $2,500 USD. Seems quite high, maybe the rare jungle green slabs are increasing the value?


The Magenta printing plate from the Allen & Ginter Cards sold for more than $3,400 USD, crazy.


Some graded cards making it to ebay and selling for quite a bit:

PSA 10 Silver Glossy: $1,499USD

Red 5/5 Sold for $2,700USD

Mini Black auctioned for $300USD


PSA 10 Brooklyn Back sold for $6,500


Several Black mini’s have sold for $600usd++


This “interesting” piece went for $175USD


A large collection of redeemed Casascius coins went for $1000 USD. Pretty good deal if you ask me.


That one of a kind dogecoin is part of my collection now :smiley:
Might sell it one day, who knows. However it’s a great piece and probably won’t let it go unless I get a HUUUGE offer for it :smiley:


An ungraded Black Mini sold BIN for $199USD. Pretty good deal considering how much some others have gone for.


These card prices seem to be coming down a bit, not a bad time to start/fill out your collections.

Black mini auctioned for $449

There are a couple of PSA 10 mini A&G backs for $74 which I think is a pretty good deal

This PSA10 Mini sold for $35 which is a crazy good deal imo

PSA10 Full sized black auctioned for $76