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Kialara print price drop + 2021 release

Kialara sent out an email announcing a price drop on all remaining Ricky Allman fine-art giclee prints and teasing a new 2021 release.

The new release will be closer in size and price to the Moon series released last year.

Full email below:

As I’m wrapping up my new 2021 design to be released this spring (in line with the moon bar in regards to cost/edition size), and in the interest of clearing out all remaining print inventory, I’ve dropped prices today on all Ricky Allman fine-art giclee prints. Allman’s vivid futuristic dreamscape paintings have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Vice, Harpers, Harvard Business Review, La Nación (Paraguay) and The Independent (UK).

Fewer than five prints remain of each of Ricky’s works, with just one Excavatorelevator1 left in stock. Each print is part of a limited & signed edition of 21 pieces on premium canvas. And just added is a new, large-scale sixth work ‘A Voice from the Dust’ at 33.5” x 27” and with an introductory price of $200 off retail. This is the largest print offered to date, and is priced below all other prints when based on square inches. If you don’t love your art after receiving it, I will offer a full-refund including shipping if returned within 10 days.

I’m also happy to announce that 20 of the 30 Special Edition Kialara Messengers have sold, are now funded and have been shipped to their new owners (with the exception of one awaiting shipment) With the rise in bitcoin price, barrier to entry on these has increased significantly, and so I am currently offering a free six-piece print suite composed of one of each of Ricky’s six artworks and with matching serials along with the next three Messenger purchases - a $3040.00 value.

Please enjoy these high-res photos of each Messenger still available for purchase, and under UV light. Did you know these also glow in the dark without the UV light? They do, (this was previously left unmentioned as an easter egg) and there’s still some awesome ones left to choose from. Originally sold at 2 BTC each, Kialara Messengers can now be acquired starting at 0.34 BTC at the current bitcoin rate. As a Messenger owner myself, and with the desire to help bring more awareness to this project, I am now resuming plans that were derailed early last year that include a press release and other media opportunities. I’m also looking into sending the final remaining Messenger through a well-known auction house for the exposure it would help bring.

I’m beyond grateful to each of you for the support you’ve shown me over the last 6+ years, and I’m forever looking with optimism towards the future - no matter how difficult times get. Wishing health and happiness to you and yours in the new year ahead.