Kialara - Guardians

Available Variations:

  • Water – w/ aquamarine
  • Fire – w/ sapphire
  • Air – w/ diamond
  • Earth – w/ emerald

Every Guardian is utterly distinctive; an unparalleled individual.
2.5mm natural earth-mined gemstones hand-set locally.
AAA-grade Emeralds, Diamonds (F/VS1), Sapphires & Aquamarines of the highest quality, meticulously chosen by a certified local GIA gemologist.
Custom engineered double-hinged cases enveloped in authentic leather.
Precision-machined SUS304 stainless steel with new, custom finish engineered to minimize scratches and smudges.
Artwork sublimated/infused into specialty coated aluminum.
Custom holograms for each of the four elements.
Permanent markers, water-soluble templates and Seed Phrase kit included.
Customizable Denomination.

Available now: Guardians - Kialara