Kialara - Atmospheric Escape with embeded Moon Coin

Ricky Allman original embellished with a non-denominated Kialara Moon Error coin.

Coin is sealed permanantly behind cast resin stirred with blue/gold glitter to leave a unique fingerprint.

Professionally framed.

Fully fundable.

This piece is currently available for 7BTC click here.

“Mining is at the crossroads of the natural world and the built environment. Mines are where we source all of our raw materials for everything humans have built on this planet. Digital mining is at a new crossroads with unknown possibilities. I think mining is an excellent metaphor for generating alternative economies and one that can help us make sense of more abstract algorithms and networks. As the world becomes increasingly complex and difficult to understand, it is critical that we plan for and design the future we want. I am interested in a future of self-replicating and evolving architecture that mines it’s own materials and disposes of it’s own waste. Visualizing possibilities gives us ideas that we can combine, embrace or reject, helping guide the development of future societies.” -Ricky Allman

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