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Floating frame experiment


I love the look of floating frames, especially when the coin isn’t in an airtite. However I was a bit worried that the membrane might damage the coin or hologram. So I picked out a sacrificial coin, took it out of it’s airtite and into a floating frame.

This was over 2 years ago. The coin has been on display my desk since.

The results have been great, there has been no noticeable change in either the coin or hologram. The coin is a Ravenbit Node, which is brass, the results might be different with different materials (eg. Silver), but the holograms do not appear to be effected at all.

While the results have been positive I will still probably keep most of my coins in airtites while in the floating frames, better safe than sorry.

Does anyone else use these frames and have you experienced any problems?


Very nice Hox…excellent display for sure


Man I’m glad you did this. I first put a Kialara Silver in a floating frame. I too was worried about it harming the silver and ended up taking it out. I put some junker coin that looked cool in it afterwards, maybe for a few months and switched it to a crypto dice. I never did have any residue left on my items. That said I would be scared to leave it long term on something I highly valued.


Thank you for your sacrifice Silver Bitcoin Penny. See you in a couple of years!

Photo’s before it went in: