Do you prefer funded or unfunded coins?

Do you prefer to funded or unfunded coins?

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  • Unfunded
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I prefer funded coins anyday over unfunded. Of course great trust from coinmaker is a must.

That fact our coins can actually contain something of value (even when they’re made of non-precious metal) is pretty unique to our community, that said I prefer unfunded or very low funded coins. Cryptoart is a great example of what I really like to collect.

There are only maybe two or three makers I would trust with any significant amount. This also is a huge hurdle for any new makers who want to create coins.

The other thing I don’t like about funded coins is that as the price goes up more and more are peeled. The holograms are their own piece of art to me and it’s sad to think that one day all the holograms of a specific coin may be destroyed.

Also as the price goes up it becomes more and more of a liability to hold or try to sell, plus the audience gets smaller and smaller the more valuable the coin gets.

I like to see both. I was happy to be able to find unfunded GeekCoins here, for example.

IMO it goes to show how much more effort and time goes into the funded coins rather than unfunded. Of course, there are exceptions which include those sexy Kialaras that I still haven’t gotten my hands on yet…

But I mean, you can see how there aren’t really that many coin makers who create the coin/private keys and verify that the funds are actually there in that wallet; either by a marking on the coin somewhere or just through the trust that name brings to ensure every coin is funded except DIY coins (like Casascius). They are putting their brand name on the line every time they do that.

For me it adds a whole lot more to the premium due to the extra care and attention that goes into the creation and distribution of them primarily because they are funded.

Plus not to mention if Bitcoin (or any coin that is funded with a cryptocurrency) goes to zero and are completely worthless, the historical value having a cool physical wallet associated with a wallet your grandkids can dust off an old computer to verify the funds are still there and in their possession still 100 years down the road… which is pretty awesome.

I agree that the time and effort that goes into creating the unique wallets adds to the desirability.

I should clarify that I prefer assembled unfunded coins, they have the attention to detail without the BTC premium, which is probably why the Ravenbit Node A are some of my favorite coins.