DIY Coin Cards

DIY Coin Cards are free designs you can print and assemble at home with only basic equipment. We want everyone to be able to organise their collections which is why we are releasing these free DIY templates. The finished DIY cards are slightly smaller then our XL cards and will fit into 4 pocket card pages.

Required Equipment
5"x7" Photo Paper
Circle cutting tool (like this or this)
Lighthouse Coin Capsule

Lighthouse coin capsules are strongly recommended because they have a lip that allows the capsule to stay attached to the card better.


  1. Print out the template. Make sure to set scaling to 100% and if your printer has a borderless/edge printing mode use that
  2. Cut the two circles out using the + to center the circles
  3. Fold the card in half, making sure to keep the edges straight
  4. Open and insert capsule into the hole then close the capsule

Coin Card Designs

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 1k Bits Chip

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 5k Bits Chip

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 10k Bits Chip

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 25k Bits Chip

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 100k Bits Chip

DIY Coin Card - BTCC 500k Bits Chip