Coin.Community - Series 2

Announcing the second release from Coin.Community

Simply called “Series 2”, this is something I’ve been working on in the background over the last two years.

This release features a Microsoul bar and an OpenDime with a custom acrylic housing inside an UltraPro One touch holder.

Each bar displays its unique serial number and the firstbits of the address under a Coin.Community hologram. All private keys were generated by the OpenDimes and can be verified using the OpenDime. The private key only exists on the OpenDime. The holograms link together the bar with the OpenDime and the serial number. There is nothing else under the hologram. While I never suggest anyone load any Coin.Community releases, these are probably the safest to load because they require no trust from me, only in the OpenDime device.

Due to the rarity of the Microsoul bars, this release comprises just 5 units, making it exceptionally limited.

Minerjones already has 2 of them in hand. The rest will be auctioned on Coin.Community. Keep an eye out!

Some more information, including all the full public keys, is available on the Coin.Community Wiki here: Coin.Community - Series 2 - Coin Community Wiki

Auction has started on bitcointalk here: [AUCTION] 2024 Coin.Community "Series 2" bars x2