Auction Mania Starts Today

I am cracking open the vault and will be auctioning off a few goodies over the next couple of weeks. Polymerbit, OpenDime, Bitcoin Penny, Cryptoart, BTCC, Lealana and more!

If you see anything you like post below and I will put it up for auction.

You can view all the active actions here:

Happy to kick off the auctions :slight_smile:
Nice work Hox !

Good luck, there’s not too many people registered yet so there’s a good chance you’ll get some great deals :smiley:

Did someone say Polymerbit? I’m taking requests if you see something you like…

The wiki has a good list of (almost) all the polymerbit notes: Polymerbit - Coin Community Wiki

12 Hr Flash Auction

Papersafe Bitcoin Savings Bond

I was disappointed I missed the btcc poker chip auction, but glad I snagged that paper safe when I did :sunglasses:

Yeah, there will be some great deals to be had while not too many people know about this place (especially some of the collectable whales out there :laughing:)

Don’t fret about missing out on the BTCC chip, there’s still this one and it won’t be the last.

True that there are great deals to be made here. :slight_smile:
I’ll be watching for the next sales !

Polymerbit fans should check the current auctions page. I added a few nice notes, including a pair of rare error notes.

BTCC Fans listen up! Several BTCC chips are up for auction right now.