2022 Kialara Special Edition – Builders

In this Special Edition is a mosaic of the machinery behind the advent of Bitcoin – Kialara’s very essence and inspiration. The robot who inhabits this edition tells the tale of the incessant work that happens day-in and day-out, a real race towards the block undergone by each miner that makes up the bitcoin network worldwide.

The Kialara Builder robot is on a mission to find a 256-bit number with a dedicated number of leading zeros, making billions of attempts per second in hopes of being first and winning the block reward. This task’s demand grows in complexity taking progressively more computing power which reflects directly in the number of zeros necessary to form a block.

This piece of bitcoin art, made of bitcoin’s very physical parts, enters the crypto relic pantheon by creating a burlesque depiction of the mining saga. While the system is built to promise security levels proportional to computational power expenditure, it is also this ever growing energetic demand which forces miners to implement cheaper, and more sustainable energy resources, something that has become an imperative for any industry at this point of the 21st century.

Another piece of this hardware mosaic is a chunk of .999 Monocrystalline silicon – perhaps the most important technological material of the last few decades. With this small piece, Kialara exposes the importance of small parts and materials in the constitution of the big infrastructures sustained by the technology industry and turns our gaze back to the solid objects upon which our abstract cybernetic network relies.

Available now at kialara.com
Special Edition, 2022 – ‘Builders’ - Kialara