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Notable eBay Sales

Several Black mini’s have sold for $600usd++

This “interesting” piece went for $175USD

A large collection of redeemed Casascius coins went for $1000 USD. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

That one of a kind dogecoin is part of my collection now :smiley:
Might sell it one day, who knows. However it’s a great piece and probably won’t let it go unless I get a HUUUGE offer for it :smiley:

An ungraded Black Mini sold BIN for $199USD. Pretty good deal considering how much some others have gone for.

These card prices seem to be coming down a bit, not a bad time to start/fill out your collections.

Black mini auctioned for $449

There are a couple of PSA 10 mini A&G backs for $74 which I think is a pretty good deal

This PSA10 Mini sold for $35 which is a crazy good deal imo

PSA10 Full sized black auctioned for $76

Stamps stamps stamps! eBay has gone mad for the first crypto themed stamp from austria

Full sets have gone for as much as $999USD

Some sets of 4 (excluding the rare red) have sold for $700USD

Individual yellow stamps have gone for as much as $350 usd

Blues have gone for $130USD

You can see more sold stamps here: crypto stamp | eBay

A peeled Casacius 25 BTC sold at auction for US$1700

Nice starter set of Cryptoimperator HODL and a couple of Satoricoins sold at auction for US $455

A couple of ICG Graded MS69 Cryptoimperator sold BIN for US$499

4 digit stamps are going for a hefty premium.

A&G Black mini’s are coming down, one auctioned for $356

BIN Price: US $499.99

BIN Price: US $699.99

BIN: US $99.99

BIN: $450.00

Auction: US $247.50

BIN: US $1,799.99

Auction: US $619.00

The only (so far) PSA 10 Black Mini sold for $1k+

The PSA 10 black mini is back up for sale. BIN of almost $13k USD.

A casascius V2 2011 sold for almost $55k USD

The Mini Black PSA 10 has been raised to over $40k USD, it will be interesting to see if it sells.

Card prices rising across the board.

Base PSA 10 $75USD
Base Black PSA 10 $650USD!!
Mini Black $950 USD
Mini Black Boarder PSA 10 $175 USD
Silver Glossy PSA 10 $125 USD link of recent sales:

I just noticed an annoying “feature” of eBay. If a seller has more than one of an item and they sell one, then raise the price, the “completed listing” page shows the new price, not the price it was actually sold at. You can see the black mini that sold on Jan 14 now shows it was sold for $1,950 usd, where the previous archive shows $950 usd

Card prices still going up steadily. Raw base cards regularly selling for >$10USD

PSA 10 Base Auction - $153USD - eBay - Archive

PSA 10 Mini A&G BIN - $125USD - eBay - Archive

RAW Silver Glossy BIN - $49.99USD - eBay - Archive

Big card sale.

Brooklyn Back #19 just sold for nearly $8k USD BIN - ebay - Archive

Prices still rising on cards. Base PSA 10 selling very quickly for >$500 USD

Raw base cards regularly selling for ~$50 USD

PSA 10 Base Card sold at auction for $750 USD - eBay - Archive

PSA 10 Base Mini Auctioned for $650 USD - eBay - Archive