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Items I am Looking to Buy

Here are the items I am looking to buy:

Microsoul 0.05 BTC 2014 Silver
[Microsoul 0.1 BTC 2016 Gold Plated
[Microsoul 0.1 BTC 2016 Silver
Lealana 25 LTC One Ounce Silver Green Address
Bit-cards or Wallet-card
Used unfunded Demo bitbills card
Ravenbit Node Brass R Papersafe (Hybrid)
Ravenbit Node Silver
Serpcoin v0.1
Serpcoin v1
Serpcoin v2
Casascius - 2011 Demo - Honeycomb Holo - Used
Cryptolator Antique Copper
MJB Monetary Metal One Gram coin
Bitpiece 25 bitcents
BhCoins Series 1
BhCoins Series 2
BhCoins Series 3
BhCoins Series 4
Crypto Imperator times coin
Banx Mint
2015 Cryptonic PHYSICAL MONERO silver coin
SmartPayMINT note