[ANN] Coin Cards - A new way to store & display your coin collection

What are Coin Cards?

Coin Cards are a new way to store and display your coin collection. The cards have some basic information about the coin as well as a QR code that links to the Coin.Community Wiki for more images and information.

There are two sizes, regular and extra large. Both are designed to fit into standard card album pages. The regular cards are also designed to fit into standard graded coin slab pages. The coin cards use Lighthouse coin capsules to safely attach the coin to the card.

XL Cards in UltraPro Page

Regular Cards in Slab Page

Where can I get them?

We will be making and selling official limited edition Coin.Community Coin Cards in the Coin Shop. We also will be making lower cost, unlimited production versions. You can also create your own cards using our free templates and some basic tools. We encourage anyone who wants to design and make their own Coin Cards to do it.

Several prototype/early production cards have already been created and will be auctioned to raise funds for the production of more cards.

The first cards released will be the BTCC 5k Bits Black edition (See above). #1-#10 will be auctioned and the rest will be sold for a set price. The auctions for #1-#5 have already started.

Feedback on what information should/shouldn’t be on the cards is encouraged. There are a lot of possibilities so let me know what you would like to see.